The great escape

It’s July, which means that the great exodus from the city has started. It is noticeable in the lesser crush on the subway and in the many photos of jetties, hot dog legs, and toddlers covered in ice cream.

It is also noticeable in the many closed restaurants.

Stockholmians tend to insist that they live in a big city, a never sleeping metropolis, while the truth is that idiosyncrasies like restaurants shutting their doors willy nilly for weeks on end, is more the mark of a sleepy and provincial backwater.

The reason is the industrial 4-week holiday, which is still the norm here, albeit it is now spread out from mid-June to mid-September.

If planning a restaurant visit in Stockholm in the middle of Summer, make sure that the place in question is indeed open. Some restaurants post their summer opening hours on their website or social media, while others…don’t.