Missing Bristol

Next week we’re going to Bristol, and I, as usual, cannot wait.

I keep a list of new restaurants and bars – updating it regularly, so that when we’re there, I can visit as many of them as possible, while at the same time leaving some room (both in belly and calendar) for the reoccurring must-haves for every trip: Fish & chips, a massive curry, a roast, sticky toffee pudding, fish pie, a Pieminister mothership … I could go on.

As you can imagine, it’s tricky fitting everything in, both in terms of old favourites and new potential favourites, ESPECIALLY with the proliferation of new places for food and drinks that’s popping up in Bristol at a heart-warming rate.

Last time, we managed quite a few from my list:

  • Pony & Trap – which has been on my list for years!  NOTHING beats a country lane and fields walk to the pub. Especially not when the pub is of this calibre.
  • BOX-E – So good, and such good value for money.
  • Bertha’s – One of the best pizza places in the country, and we managed to walk in and get a table for 4 on a Saturday night. Another reason why I adore Bristol.
  • Spuntino – only for drinks, mind, so a revisit is on the cards!
  • Little Victories – again, walking in on a Saturday night and getting seated for some deLIGHTful coffee drinks. Cargo and Cargo2 are made for spending whole days and nights at. It’s the best thing since salt & vinegar crisps.

This time around, I’ve got my eye on Pasta Loco, Urban Standard or maybe Flour & Ash, and perhaps the super-newly opened Jamaica Street Stores

Question is, how many meals can you fit into two days?

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