How to Arrive, Scandinavian Style

There’s a Swedish word without an English translation: Lagom. It means “just enough, just right” and speaks of a culture where moderation is key and flashiness is frowned upon. But when Swedish House Mafia arrived in New York for their sold-out gigs last weekend, “lagom” is thrown out the window together with all that moderation that never applied to the trio of DJs in question anyway: In the documentary “Take One” from 2010, they refuse to share a limo, opting instead for one each. New York responds by love-bombing the Swedish trio, covering the Empire State Building in blue and yellow lights in their honor like a glamorous, shining version of IKEA  in the middle of Manhattan.

Whatever your opinion on Swedish House Mafia, I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that there are many more Nordic musical treasures to be found if you dig a little deeper than the chart success of the aforementioned Mafia.

I see it as a bit of a life mission to champion Nordic Music, so imagine my unadulterated joy when it turns out I have quite a few fellow companions on my musical crusade here in my new hometown of London. Here, music blogs like Ja Ja Ja and The Line of Best Fit and the club nights they put on bring some of the best new Nordic talents to London, making the city a great place for connoisseurs of Scandinavian music, in particular of the Swedish variety.

With trailblazers like Robyn and Lykke Li – not to mention their predecessors ABBA and Roxette – Swedish music has never been in better shape and is one of the country’s most important exports. The most recent example?  Sweden’s Icona Pop as the soundtrack to Hannah Horvath on drugs in season 2 of HBO’s breakout show Girls.

If you, like many others, feel the allure of northern melodies, have a listen to my Sharp Nordic Tunes playlist and see if you can find a new favorite to check out. You know, before they sell out Madison Square Garden.

Sharp Nordic tunes

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