Spoon photo op

New kids on the block

I’ve been at my new job for about six weeks now, settling in, gearing up, basically feeling like I’m part of the minimalist furniture by now. ( I reckon six weeks equals about six months in agency years)  I’m not the only new-ish kid here either, we’re two full five-a-side teams and a ref! (link to the article in Swedish)

And as customary at the start of term, we took some class photos. It’s not the easiest of jobs to take photos of a bunch of editors, all of whom are full of helpful suggestions and keen on photo approval. But we got there in the end, because Sara, who took the photos, is a pro – both at taking photos and editors.

So here we are, newly combed and bushy-tailed.

Photo: Sara Hassel
Photo: Sara Hassel/Spoon


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