How to Arrive, Scandinavian Style

There’s a Swedish word without an English translation: Lagom. It means “just enough, just right” and speaks of a culture where moderation is key and flashiness is frowned upon. But when Swedish House Mafia arrived in New York for their sold-out gigs last weekend, “lagom” is thrown out the window together with all that moderation that never applied to the trio of DJs in question … Continue reading How to Arrive, Scandinavian Style

SAS brings families to the sun

The Solgården holiday center caters to people with disabilities, and 28 times a year, a special SAS flight carries happy families to the sun. Oslo airport. Outside, it’s 15C and overcast. Inside, expectation and excitement are in the air. The families clustered around Gate 38 are on their way to the Solgården resort in Spain, near Alicante. Solgården is not your average holiday center. Since … Continue reading SAS brings families to the sun