Creative Content & Communications

I have over 13 years of experience of marketing brands, producing content and managing partners across media, publishing and audio/radio/music (Google, HarperCollins, Disney, Nokia, Swedish Radio).

I’ve worked in a wide range of editorial, marketing and content roles, both agency and client side, in Sweden and the UK. I speak Swedish, Finnish and English, and I’ve got a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in radio production.

Some of my key experiences include starting and heading up  marketing at design agency Digital Detox in London. I created and executed the marketing and content strategy, focusing on B2B events, content marketing and brand awareness. I coached the senior management team on how to build their profiles, produced and commissed content (video, case studies and copy) across owned, bought and earned platforms. Here’s some examples.

Video produced for Digital Detox rebrand 2019

Video produced for Digital Detox attending The Next Web 2019

Event for senior tech leaders, Charlotte Street Hotel 2019


Content Creation & Editing – copy, video & audio

I’ve written and edited for publications like daily paper Hufvudstadsblader, magazines Papper, FilmJournalen, AstraNova and Studentbladet, as well as clients SAS, Sandvik and Tallink SIlja.

My posts for Digital Detox’s blog

English texts
Examples published in SAS inflight magazine Scandinavian Traveller, Music New and F# blog.

Swedish texts
Examples published in Scandinavian Traveller, Popaganda festival site and lifestyle magazine Papper.

Brand marketing & PR

I’ve worked with marketing, communications and PR in a wide range of roles, in house and client side.
Here, promoting ebooks and audiobooks by creating content and partnering with our key digital audio and ebook partners at HarperCollins Nordic.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 14.08.47

Project & Account Management

I’ve worked as a creative project and account manager in both Sweden and UK, with B2B and B2C clients such as L’Oréal, Universal NBC and Business Sweden.

Sweden at Hannovermesse 2019. Campaign video and site created for Business Sweden

Screenshot of DVD release campaign for Pitch Perfect on Spotify’s platform

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 14.48.44

Playlist programming

As a part of my role at both Nokia Music and later at Google Play, I created and curated playlists with relevant repertoire for each Nordic market, across moods/genres/themes.

E-commerce & CRO

 I started my career in digital music distribution at Nokia Music, and have since worked with optimizing online sales and partner promotions at Google Play, The Disney Store, Propellerhead Software and HarperCollins Nordic.
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